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What Songs Probably Sound Like

The idea for "What Songs Probably Sound Like" came to life when a few friends and I were making fun of Five Finger Death Punch in line for a Steal Panther concert.  Faster forward about a year later and the first of "the series where I cover a song without ever hearing it" was posted in February of 2018.  Yes that's right, I never hear the song...and then I "cover" it.  This series has let me write songs in a bunch of styles that I never would've in the past (looking at you, Death Cab For Cutie) and really expanded my horizons as a songwriter and a producer.  You'll definitely want to check out this series on my YouTube channel, but you already subscribed so I know you will.  

Pop Covers

A recent series that my guitar colleague, Jeremy Lobenberg and I have begun is called "Turn Modern Top 40 Pop Hits Into Guitar Instrumentals."  That's not really the name of the series, but that's basically what we do.  Our cover of Lizzo's "Truth Hurts" actually got aired on MTV's TRL, so you know it's cool series if MTV thinks so!